What To Do If Your Minecraft Server Can’t Resolve Host Name

What To Do If Your Minecraft Server Can’t Resolve Host Name

If you’re having trouble getting the Minecraft hosting server to start out up, there’s a good chance that the issue is along with your hostname. This concern can be simply set should you adhere to the steps with this blog post. We’ll walk you through the entire process of starting a hostname for your personal minecraft vanilla server and demonstrate how you can troubleshoot any conditions that might surface. So don’t squander another moment – let’s get started!

Methods To Hostname Your Hosting server:

The first step is to make sure that your Minecraft host is placed appropriately. You’ll will need to generate a textual content data file referred to as “server.properties” and go into the adhering to info with it:



Up coming, you’ll have to download and set up the Java Improvement System (JDK). You can get the download link in the Oracle internet site.

After you’ve installed JDK, you’ll need to put together your atmosphere specifics. Unlock a command prompt and type in “java -edition.” This will teach you the edition of Java that may be currently mounted on your computer. If it’s not the one you desire, then re-install JDK once more and follow these directions.

Now we have to put in place our Minecraft hosting server so it will agree to contacts from outside of your own network. We’re moving to accomplish this by building a text message submit called “hosting server-qualities” inside your Minecraft folder on House windows or Linux systems (macOS end users can skip this method). The items in the file should consider looking such as this:

world wide web.IP=YourMinecraftServerIpHere


hosting server.hostname=YourMinecraftServerNameHere

You can find your server’s Ip by opening a control prompt and keying in in “ping YourMinecraftServerNameHere.” This will reveal the IP address of the Minecraft hosting server.

The ultimate phase is to create a DNS access for your personal Minecraft host. This can be accomplished with the addition of an A record inside your domain’s DNS region submit. The name in the record ought to be “Minecraft,” along with the benefit should be the IP address of your own Minecraft hosting server.

Bottom Line:

If you’re still having difficulty obtaining your Minecraft host to begin up, then it’s probable that you will discover a trouble with the Java installment on your computer. Be sure you’ve set up JDK and set up up each of the surroundings specifics correctly before attempting again!