How to make this time reporting more interesting?

How to make this time reporting more interesting?

Our program’s base is its customer time revealing. With more providers and also alterations, we can easily match the reporting but also functionality needs of most companies.It may be as elementary as acknowledging the overwhelming desire to remove the mind with a stroll in the natural light, knowing that this a lot simple try at personal is just not a unnecessary physical exercise, but rather time anybody can handle.

Diverse requirements

We created our modern technology to be easy to change because of its clientele because numerous companies have assorted calls for.

Easy to customize

They are able to make advanced changes for customers whether you have further unique needs. Use the structure being a beginning point, and we’ll develop from there.

Which businesses are chronox appropriate for?

A number of enterprises can benefit from our time reporting. Design organizations will benefit from your function purchase system and work orders (arbetsorder). You get an effective standpoint of provide sequence administration making use of chronox versatile job concepts computations, through work get firm by means of invoice affirmation.

Adaptable to evolve

The system was developed so that you can create servicing needs which fit the demands of numerous different companies. Just the materials you wish to put in the creation orders is included in order that it suits your employee’s performance.


A complimentary assessment of the task report is available once you commence this software to ensure that you will always increase it as much as practicable.

The computer that is certainly invest a group space, together with a storage space center and even shifting services, serves as the key component. Staff members may sign in and around on this page, in addition to sign up their information and facts if it’s their first time.

This mobile software is downloaded around the owner’s phone and also shows the areas where the personal has become confessed. Just in the push of the button, their staff members registers inside and outside.