Dr. John Manzella ensures standardization, brand positioning, smooth operation, and patient satisfaction

Dr. John Manzella ensures standardization, brand positioning, smooth operation, and patient satisfaction

Dr. John Manzella has developed a system for the administration of clinics and medical offices that integrates: appointment management, clinical history, electronic file, collection module with insurers, inventory control, income control, and invoice issuance electronics; all in one.
When you have the market study, the competition, and the objectives set, all that remains is to define your target audience and analyze the most appropriate channels to address and get your messages to that audience. And finally, you will have to choose the tools that help you achieve your goals.
The importance of digital marketing in the 21st century is a fact that cannot be denied. Digital marketing has become the best ally for companies and businesses to attract new customers retain existing ones, and provide added value to their target audience.
Dr. John Manzella provides documentation and mapping of the main administrative and patient care processes to ensure standardization, brand positioning, smooth operation, and satisfaction of your patients.

A specialist who generates immediate changes

A medical office always needs to have its problems solved in the shortest possible time,which is achieved by outsourcing certain services through a medical management consultant.
Frequently the argument is heard that there would be no resources to pay for this type of service; however, doubt arises. If a business doesn’t have the resources to survive, then what does it have the resources for? It must be considered that the effects of a consultancy from Dr John Manzella begin to be felt even before the professional enters the door of the company that hires him for the first time.

Greater performance efficiency

As a management consultant, Dr. John Manzelladoes not always play the emergency service role. As an advisor, you can go to an organization to give a second opinion, provide them with better management skills, and provide knowledge to different companies.
The healthcare system that has worked in the last century cannot continue to function in the current century. Within this framework, the clinical management developed by Dr. Manzella stands as a benchmark to make the current model more effective.